Code: DMRWSA100200B

The Secursoft column protection arises from the need to satisfy the demand for high shock absorption and protection capacity with the versatility of its applications.

The product stands out among all other materials for its high impact absorption capacity tested and according to UNI EN 913 of 2009 Appendix C.

- It has a microcellular structure of high strength and elasticity.

- Totally non-toxic or fireproof

- The original embossed surface makes any imperfection invisible and the longitudinal central cannula allows the perfect consequentiality in case of placing the panels side by side (for consistent wall surfaces) or the excellent joint in case of winding (for poles, light towers, pillars, columns, handrail, etc.).

- All in order to achieve unparalleled aesthetic appeal and unsurpassed tensile strength.

- Easy to install using the special quick-setting brushable glue.

- The polymer that makes up the mixture is closed cell and unassailable by any liquid.

- With a technologically advanced 4.0 process and an innovative primer Secursoft has become customizable by combining different colors or by screen printing writings, logos and designs.

- Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments: gyms, schools, sports facilities, gardens.

- Thanks to its extreme versatility it is adaptable to any type of support: it protects and wraps the most varied surfaces and sections.

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