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ABSORBING STICKY MAT first of its kind: the only one that stays still without adhesive tapes!

Its adhesive backing holds the mat in place, preventing it from piling up and sliding, allowing it to collect leaks and drips virtually anywhere, even in areas of intense passage and even on vertical surfaces.

The sticky roll is made to adhere to any flooring without leaving residue. Hot melted and reinforced has incredible resistance, does not tear or consume even if subjected to high pedestrian traffic and forklifts.

It is easily removed, reducing cleaning time.

The polyethylene bottom forms a barrier that does not allow liquids to filter through.

Treatment Gryp System Non-slip.

The ABSORBING STICKY MAT is tested and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI - National Institute for Floor Safety) as a high tensile surface that can reduce up to 90% slipping and fall claims, when used as part of a Floor Security Program.

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