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ADHESIVE DECONTAMINATING CARPET is used to clean the soles of shoes, reducing the traffic of contaminants before entering critical areas with controlled hygiene.

SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE: Each decontaminating adhesive carpet consists of a block of tear-off polyethylene adhesive films that effectively capture dirt and dust from pedestrian traffic and equipment wheels before entering controlled environments.

EASY TO USE: The tear-off technique eliminates time-consuming, chaotic cleaning and makes it easy to keep a sticky carpet clean at all time.

SIMPLIFIED INSTALLATION: Each decontaminating adhesive carpet easily adheres to the floor or to the appropriate base thanks to its adhesive base.

CHEMICAL FREE: Certified by RoHS to be free of heavy metals or harmful chemicals.

SILICON FREE: All carpets are silicone free.

It can also be purchased without the appropriate base to reduce the footprint.

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