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Our adhesive signs can be made with different adhesives and different top layers, which determine the end use: 

  • NITTO: it is a type suitable for indoors, resistant to the passage of forklifts. With bevelled edges and with super nitrite adhesive.
  • EXTRA STRONG: it is a type suitable for both indoor and outdoor, resistant to intense pedestrian passage. With high performance acrylic adhesive.
  • OUTDOOR - COLD STORAGE: it is a type suitable for outdoor, on concrete surfaces and tiles, and for cold environments up to - 40°. With bevelled edges, with acrylic adhesive, resistant to the passage of forklifts. 

On the left you can choose the type of material that best suits your needs! 

Want a standard sign with a material not on the site? Request a quote!

Whatever your flooring: DMR will produce the ad hoc sign for you!

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