"Jefferson said that if you want something you never had, you have to do something you never did. It’s true. I think that, today, to continue to have a solid company you have to be determined but above all have the courage to dare". This is how Marcello De Marco, entrepreneur and founder of DMR S.r.l.

For him, DMR means Will, Courage, Sacrifice, Humility.

The same values that De Marco decided to live by in 2008, when he founded the DMR.

The will and courage to get involved, the humility and sacrifice with which this was done: "My company at the beginning? It was the attic of my house. In those days I was a boy, I really wanted to put my ideas in the field, but few economic possibilities. This did not stop me, indeed, I looked at my wife and my three children: they gave me the strength to try all the way".

And that dream of a 33-year-old boy soon became a solid reality:

DMR, a leading company in the market of production and marketing of safety products in companies, currently has about 27 employees, a warehouse of 2,000 square meters, a research and development laboratory and a sales force present throughout Italy.

"My team is great. I have a determined team of professionals. What do they represent for DMR? They are a fundamental part, I dare say, without mistake, that they are the driving force of my company. My relationship with them is based on trust and loyalty, which are the basis of any successful relationship. I never liked to call myself a boss, I want to be a leader to whom they can confront, without being afraid".

Since its inception, DMR has set itself the goal of providing its customers with quality solutions that can help them manage any security need. The job safety market is constantly evolving, as well as the needs of individual customers and, in this regard, DMR is continuously inclined to identify increasingly innovative and prestigious solutions.

"Innovation is a strong point of DMR. The customer-company relationship is also fundamental for us: we listen to the needs of each individual customer, always putting it first and establishing a relationship based on mutual respect. Another strength? Surely the possibility that we offer companies to customize many of our products according to their needs".

Over the years the way of doing business, the idea of profit, the needs of companies and market trends has changed, and DMR has decided to ride the wave of change idealizing new approaches on the market, designing new solutions with the aim of making DMR a reliable and recognized brand in the industry, not today, but in the long term.

"I think those who believe in themselves and have ambitions have almost achieved what they set out to do. To my employees I say -Do some nonsense but do them with enthusiasm- Even at work we can and we must try to risk, maybe at the beginning is wrong, but life rewards only those who have the courage and humility to make mistakes".

Thanks to those who support the DMR, those who trust us and those who have never stopped.


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