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The section STEP COVERS - GRATINGS - LAMINATES presents inside products that create safe, resistant and durable non-slip surfaces.

The STEP COVERS are the ideal solution to make the stairs safe in all public and industrial environments, as well as the CORNERS that represent a slimmer solution to the step covers.

FIBREGLASS LAMINATES and GRATINGS are ideal for making any surface non-slip. They are mainly used in companies because they make dynamic workplaces safe: their surfaces ensure a resistance to slipping higher than that of any other type of material.

The whole range of STEP COVERS AND LAMINATES has fundamental characteristics: they are anti-corrosion products by more aggressive acids and agents, they are non-slip, self-extinguishing, fire resistant. In addition, they are maintenance-free as they do not alter their performance and aesthetics over time.

They are products used in ANY reality and ensure a resistance to slippage greater than that of any other type of material.

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