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HOW DOES THE PROJECTION OF SAFETY SIGNS WORK? In industrial working environments, it is essential to equip production systems with adequate safety signs and signage related to the production line.

In this regard, the experience in the field has led the DMR to mature an innovative project that involves the projection of such information signage: Our innovative LED PROJECTORS.

This type of signage is characterized by numerous advantages both for the visibility of the same, as it is not subject to deterioration and visible both in illuminated environments and in very dark environments, both for economic saving as easy to install and durable over time.

Projected signage requires only an image projector (called a gobo projector) and an image holder (called a gobo).

The gobo placed inside the projector, fully customizable is included in the delivery of the projector, is comparable to a slide, but it turns out to be much more resistant and graphically defined as made on borosilicate support and laser marked, for this reason the colors will not be subject to deterioration over time.

The projector is installed in a convenient space adjacent to the projection area such as the ceiling, while the safety message chosen is projected on the work surface, also having the possibility to intervene on different parameters, such as: focal, tilt, rotation and distance, the system ensures a good margin of change even after installation.

ADVANTAGES: - long life - no foot wear - economical to use - eliminates the need for repainting - quick installation - never fades - high visibility - attracts more attention - easy updating.

For more information visit our website dedicated entirely to LED PROJECTORS.

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